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I could if you hadn't turned on the light and shut off my stereo. Then we'll go with that data file! You guys go on without me! I'm going to go... look for more stuff to steal! What are you hacking off? Is it my torso?! 'It is!' My precious torso! You know, I was God once. I found what I need. And it's not friends, it's things.

No argument here. Negative, bossy meat creature! Look, last night was a mistake. Of all the friends I've had... you're the first.

Fry! Stay back! He's too powerful! They're like sex, except I'm having them! Does anybody else feel jealous and aroused and worried? You wouldn't. Ask anyway! We don't have a brig.

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Foo Bar Baz
foo_0 bar_0 baz_0
foo_1 bar_1 baz_1
foo_2 bar_2 baz_2
foo_3 bar_3 baz_3
foo_4 bar_4 baz_4
foo_5 bar_5 baz_5
foo_6 bar_6 baz_6
foo_7 bar_7 baz_7
foo_8 bar_8 baz_8
foo_9 bar_9 baz_9
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